Wednesday, 21 February 2018

South African Lady Says She’s Looking For A Nigerian Guy With Big D… Nigerians Blast Her, She Responds

A very young lady from South Africa has said she’s looking for a Nigerian Guy with a big “thing”.. She shared this on her Facebook page, writing thus;
“Goodnight everyone, I am Cynthia in Kimberly, and I am looking for a Nigerian Hot Guy in Kimberley, Please Inbox Me” she wrote.

Continuing: “I don’t want your money, Because I have mine, all I need is love and a big d**k, that’s all.”

However some ladies on the group, including Nigerians insulted her and called her unpalatable names so she had to reply them;
“With all due respect, I am not here to have fun, But I am looking for love not to be judged by anyone.. So if you can’t give me love, then why bother talking to me? If he is meant for me, he will to me, Becaue I don’t want to be rude, I am a very honest girl, who deserves to be loved, and not to be called a whore. If I was a prostitute, I’d have just said it.. So don’ ttake me wrong, I also have feeling so, ladies, I am not here to take your men, I want my own”.
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