Monday, 15 January 2018

Wife Beaten To Death By Husband For Giving Him Small Fish

2018 has taken off, and a wife is already dead for giving her husband small fish. Twitter user @DCelebrityNurse who shared the story of her tenant’s sister, said that wasn’t the only time the lady who had scars on her body resulting from broken bottles and cutlass had been assaulted by her husband .

@DCelebrityNurse went further to disclose that preliminary scan, revealed that the lady suffered broken limbs and blunt injuries especially her kidney .

Her tweet read;
Just heard a very devastating news now. My tenant’s sister was beaten to death by her husband because she gave him small fish!!!!!! Some men are mad!!! I mean very mad!!!

So actually, this is not the first time he had been beating her, but she never told anyone. She had different scars on her body ranging from broken bottles to cutlass marks. I mean why endure such madness??? Why????

She actually reported to the police station the night she was beaten, where she was rushed to the hospital from. Scan showed broken limbs and blunt injuries especially her kidney. Like how do you beat your wife and damage her kidney. How????!!
Recall that on Saturday, we reported that a man was left battling for his life after his wife slashed his throat with a broken bottle, for cheating.

@Marmyla , who said this wasn’t first time Uncle’s wife attempted to harm him for cheating, tweeted; 

Innallillahi wa’ina illahi rajiun!
My uncle’s wife has cut his throat with a broken bottle he is at the emergency unit right now. Before now, she has made two attempts to stab him with a knife but didn’t succeed, she has today. Please keep my uncle in your prayers .

Every fight my uncle ever had with his wife is on the basis of her accusing him of cheating on her or chatting with other women. And she has always threatened that she will kill him one day all means please and please avoid excessively jealous women .

Guys I’m still shouting this today, stay away from women who make threats on your lives either verbaly or physically. I said same thing when Maryam Sanda’s news broke. Today I’m screaming it bcz my uncle life was almost taken today. The marriage is only 2years old. 

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