Thursday, 18 January 2018

Incredible Creativity: Man Builds Bicycle Meant For Water, Launches It In The Ocean With Style (See Photos)

A young man who recently invented a bicycle that is meant for water, has tested his invention by riding on the ocean to the excitement of waters and fun seekers.
A 27-year-old Ghanaian man identified as Frank Darko who resides in Takoradi in the Western Region of the country, has created a bicycle that could move on water and has already launched it.
While speaking on his creation of a bicycle which is purposely designed to be used on water surfaces, the young man who has gained recognition in his country, revealed that the creation of his invention started in August, 2017.
He added that with a lot of effort and hard work, he managed to finish his project and tested it in a shallow dam in his area.
Photo have emerged online showing the young inventor who believed in his finished work, testing it out on the sea to prove to the world that his invention has come to stay, as some people were seen taking turns to experience the unique invention.
While speaking in a telephone conversation with, Frank Darko revealed that he wanted his invention to help the school children who had to swim to school, find an easier path to their classes.
He said further that many individuals have also requested to have him make a copy of the bicycle for them, adding that he wanted to contribute to the development of Ghana with his invention.
He called on stakeholders and benevolent bodies to invest in his breakthrough invention so as to make the lives of many Ghanaians easy.
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