Saturday, 23 December 2017

“How a Unilag Slay Queen made me give her head while she was on her period” – Nigerian man narrates experience

A yet to be identified Nigerian man took to social media to narrate how a female student of Unilag made him give her head while she was on her period.
Read his story below:

“So I’ve been talking to this Unilag slay queen for a while, we decided to hang out at my place on Monday, she came over and we watched a movie. After the movie, we started making out, I proceeded to put off her bra and move to the next base, she told me to stop, saying it was awkward.

I stopped, she then sent a text saying she didn’t come over to smash. I decided not to touch her again. She later sent a text telling me to kiss her. At this point, I knew she was ready to smash but just fronting.

So we began.. I finally pulled off her bra and it was disgusting! She had hair on her bosoms and chest.. Even above her upper lip, i could feel it while i was kissing her. Like how will you be a girl and have hair around your bosom, your chest and upper lip (mustache)??. I tried ignoring that one, with the hope of offing pant and smashing.

Finally offed her pant, and was time to smash, she gave me head and requested for head too. But i stylishly declined and we started smashing. She requested for head again..

I’ve never given head to a girl before, but i decided to form James Bond and do it. As i got down there, i almost fainted when i put my tongue, i could not breathe. The odour was terrifying.. I’ve never perceived such a odour in my life! Don’t you wash your p*$$y when you bath?

I immediately removed my head when i couldn’t take it, but she said she was very horny and wanted me to make her c*m. So i fingered her till she came. I went to the toilet to wash up and i saw the most disgusting thing ever! My hands were full of blood, and there was blood stains on my lips and nose. I was so mad! Like how will you tell a guy to give you head when you are on your period? How evil can Unilag girls be? The most annoying thing is she stained my bed sheets with blood. I immediately sent her out of my house, i never want to see her again.

Unilag girls are evil!!
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