Tuesday, 14 November 2017

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: I Do Love To Advertise On Television And Billboard - Nigerian Model Edidem Cypher

Today Media Gossip Team Invited A Popular Akwa Ibom Model Edidem Cypher for an exclusive interview.

We were delighted as he honored Our invitation. According to him he said his Life partner Loves What he does and they is no challenge for now towards his Career.

Read the interview below:

Good Afternoon Sir, Please Sir May We know You?

Am Edidem Cypher

Where are you from Sir?

Ikot Abasi, here in Akwa Ibom State.

Please Sir what do you do for a Living?

Well...Am done with NCE
But for now am a stylist and a Model.

Wow that's Nice Sir
How Long have you been on Modelling and Stylish Sir?

Over (2) Years Now

How about your NCE... When when were you done Sir?

This year 2017

So Sir how did you combine your work and school?

Well...I have this strong passion for it?
Beside when I was in school money wasn't my problem at all..

As a Model what has been the best thing you have achieve so far Sir?

Well...its a personal something...
Have been enjoying it..because being a model was my dream...
And am proud to be one. Because I am being paid for.

What is the biggest challenge you have come across as a stylish and a model Sir?

Hmmm. to be very serious sir..I have no challenge,  like I told u, being a stylist and a model was my dream.....

Who in the industry do you look up to being like??

Like my costume manager I wish to be like him

What really inspire you to be a Model even at a tender age Sir?

When I see people like Nicki minaj. And the rest...I do feel " in this life I must be like them....
I do love to be advertising things both on TVs and billboards

That's really nice.
Are you in a Relationship?


What's your partner's view towards your career ??

I think she's in love with what am doing

Are you saying she only Loves what you do and not You?

Hahaha. She Loves Both.

You said people like Nicki Minaj inspired you. If you are previllage to reach the top what could you do to support the industry?

A lot of things to do.

Things Like?

I will to the best of my ability do my best

Your best towards what Sir?

Move the industry to a standard form.

That could be Nice if you.
What's your advice to the youths who wants to join the industry?

Focus on your dreams and make a move.

Below are Edidem Cypher Modelling Pictures.

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