Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Single, Love, Dating and Marriage Conference (Rebirth 2017)

There is nothing called bad marriage, we can only carry to marriage who we are.

My question now is who are YOU?

Listen well, I did not ask who have you become, what I asked was/is WHO ARE YOU? Who you are is your IDENTITY. Do you know your identity?

- What does marriage mean to you?

-Is there any solution to 'marrying late'?

- Who is a man and who is a woman?

Until we separate our identity from our roles we would define our lives by our roles and limit ourselves.

And until a man understand who a husband is supposed to be and the true essence of who a woman and a wife is he would shortchange himself and the wife would also limited herself.

This is and many more will be some of the hot topic at #TheRebirth
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