Monday, 11 September 2017

LUTH to release corpse of YABATECH student who had an accident while reading inside Keke for N800,000 (Photos)

A Banking & Finance Student HND1 Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Kotun Kazeem lost his life from complications of an accident he had while reading in a tricycle for school exams.

According to Emmanuel Olusegun, because he was a Muslim and needed to be buried ASAP, they went to retrieve his body from LUTH, where he was reportedly receiving treatment before his demise, but where shocked when LUTH allegedly billed them for N800,000. He is calling on the several education bodies in Nigeria to come to their aid.


Kazeem is a Banking & Finance Student (HND1 Yaba College of Technology). He was involved in an accident on the 20th of August 2017 while he was in a Keke Napep(tricycle) heading to his house.

He was busy reading in the tricycle because of the fear of YABATECH exam. Ever since then he has been in a state of COMA. It is very unfortunate, we lost Kazeem yesterday *9th of September 2017 in that popular hospital called LUTH.

As it stands, LUTH says we must pay N800,000 before his body would be released. Where do we see that huge amount of money in Nigeria?

This is uncalled for…Nigerian Students ARISE!!!…Nigerian Comrade pls come to our aid, LUTH is killing us with their cumbersome demands. Every Nigerian Student should pls come to our rescue
Lagos State Govt, please help us, Minister of Health, please come to our rescue, Minister of Youth we need you, NANS, ASUP dont leave us.

*Aluta Continua! Victoria Ascerta!*

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